About Us

We have a good will to operate!

Good Will is an non-governmental organization for people with mental or physical disabilities. We organize summer and winter holidays for disabled children. The name Good Will is not accidental since the creation of the association needed a “Good Will” of all, who have contributed to this, but most of all cooperation of parents and guardians of people affected by fate. Association Good Will was established in 2006. It groups together partners, guardians and people who are familiar with the fate of sick people, who are not able to function independently. Following similar organizations in the world, we take a lot of activities for the benefit of our wards. We organize support group and the broadly understood lobbying, by what we pay the healthy part of our society’s attention to our presence. We conduct educational activities among young people, thanks to that we are building the civil society aware of their obligations to the weakest members. By publicizing the needs of the environment we support action of science in the area of improvement of treatment methods for difficult diseases. Thanks to the cooperation with political and business communities our activities become more and more effective. In accordance with the principle “nothing about us without us” we are active and we want to be helpful.

Jacek Zalewski